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      I hope this is the right place to ask. I am newbee, I am trying to add an image I made using photoshop and illustrator. I know how to import the gif or jpeg but the thing is that I want the image not to have a background, just be an object but everytime I save or export the image I get the white background to fill the space on the canvas. How can I make such image and import it to flash so I can, for example add bones using the bone tool.

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          jcnb8aab Level 1

          I have tried braking down the image, importing on .gif, jpeg and PNG files, all failed, everytime the background comes up.

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            brooksrv Level 2

            The only graphics program I use is Fireworks, so I am not sure how this would work in Photoshop or Illustrator. I convert the canvas to transparent and export the image (using image preview to change the format to PNG32). This will create an image with transparency so the unwanted areas do not show up in flash.

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              jcnb8aab Level 1

              Thank you for the idea, I will try as soon as I can. I have tried everyway I know in photoshop, even turning the background transparent, but it always turn white, I have no idea why. But thank you I will try fireworks