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      I am using  Dashboard sample from adobe to create the  custom pods. My application have inter  pod communication using custom events. In our application we are getting Error “TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.events::Event@6f46af1 to mx.events.IndexChangedEvent.”.

      I am unable to figure out why this is occurring and from which place it is occurring means it origin.


      I tried using breakpoints but not achieved anything in this problem. So please tell me best solution of this problem and how I can find place which is creating this problem.


      Thanks in Advance

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          If you look at IndexChangedEvent, there are a few events it dispatches.  If

          another component dispatches the same event name (like "change") and bubbles

          it you can run into this problem if that component is a child of a component

          that dispatches IndexChangedEvent.