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    data not present in taskContext variable

    $Nith$ Level 4

      The following issue occurs with the AssignTask activity (not always):


      The assigntask activity is defined with form template, inputData and a custom prepare data process.


      I understood that the inputData will be injected into the taskContext variable of the prepare data process.


      This variable holds just the blank content i.e (xfa/dataset/data/form1). All other data are missing.


      When playing the recording, just before the assigntask activity, all the user entered data are there in the inputData variable.


      Can someone suggest about this issue?



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          Jon Bionda

          Sound like you are clobbering your input data in the prepare data process.  you need to make sure that you are making data assignments to the same structure as the input data.  the structure of the data could depend on the previous form (with or without the xdp switch on the xml data var).  use record and playback on the prepare data process to see what the input data structure is and make sure your xpath that is updating it matches this structure.


          plus double check that the output var is set propertly.