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    XML Files Not Loading in MKS Source Integrity


      I use RoboHelp 8 and produce WebHelp output. Recently I started seeing a problem when my

      development team indicated they could not load my generated WebHelp output into our source

      control (MKS Source Integrity - Version 2009). This has not been

      an issue until recently.


      The problem appears to be that some of the lines in the XML packages (under the whxdata folder) are more than 450 characters long, which MKS Source Integrity appears to interpret as a binary file. Once it does that, the load into source fails because these XML files are in fact not binary - they are text files.


      I have opened some of these package files and the contents are odd to say the least. I found one line with 5,452 characters (no spaces) in one paragraph (no carriage returns). The lines contain numbers and delimiters (pipes, commas, colons), are set off by double quotation marks, and XML tags such as <wd nm="ry" rd="NUMBERS & Delimiters" />.


      The only way we can get these files to cooperate with our version control systems is to go into them and enter carriage returns every 400 or so characters, which is obviously not very helpful. Does anyone know a way to control the output of these whxdata "package" files?