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    Snippets Lost from Project

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      Using RH7 I had a problem in which every time I closed and reopened a project, the snippets would be lost from the project and I would have to re-import them. Adobe refused to assist me in this because it is project-specific (I can't replicate it in a new project), so I just worked around it.


      I recently upgraded to to RH8 and was hoping that whatever the problem was would have been solved. But it was not.


      In RH8, the snippets are lost from the project every time I close and reopen, but additionally, the placeholders in the HTML are converted to non-breaking space entities, so I can no longer work around it by just re-importing.


      Does anyone have some insight into how the project is wired up to the snippets or where would be a good place to start in trying to track down the problem?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Sometimes it's better to cave in and rebuild than continue fighting. If you have checked out the rhsnippets file with a good project, trashed the CPD and those things, I personally would be thinking about not spending more time on a suspect project.


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            Hi Peter,


            Thank you for the reply. I've never had to rebuild a project before. Can you tell me in more detail what I would have to do, or direct me to a resource that explains it? For example, what are the other things that need to be deleted other than the .cpd?

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              Ok. I got it figured out. Thank you Peter, you set me on the right track.


              Here's what you need to do in case anyone else runs into the same problem:


              1.(Obviously you'd want to make a back up of the project first)


              2. Copy all snippet files (.hts extensions) to some other folder (outside of the project).


              3. Delete all snippet files from the project (.hts).


              4. Delete the .cpd file from the project.


              5. Delete the rhsnippet.apj from the project.


              6. Open the project, and import the snippets that you copied in step 2.


              7. Generate project. Should be good at that point.