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    AutoPlay on OSX

      I would like to make cross-platform compliant interactive cd's using Director MX and Toast (Roxio). Since Mac has disabled autorun/autostart what is the industry standard workaround? Do I make the CD folder open automatically when the cd is inserted, pop open Quicktime or something else? What are the necessary steps?

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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          The standard way to burn cds for Mac is to use Toast (on the mac). It
          is one of the few programs that can make a hybrid CD with Mac and PC
          partitions. In Toast, there is a checkbox to auto open the CD folder
          when it is mounted. You would click that and make sure that the files in
          that folder are named in an obvious way... or make your whole projector
          into a standard Mac bundle which would present the user with only one
          icon that they can drag to their applications folder or do whatever they
          want with.
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            Oops...I am using (Roxio) Toast.

            Do I pop open the window for ALL Mac users or do I need to include autorun for those using system 9 or below, as well?

            How do you bundle up the entire projector? I'm new to Director

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              Do people still use system 9 or below? I haven't been asked to make
              projectors for anything that old in years. If you have a reason to
              provide those, then it is really up to you. I believe there was an
              autorun in system 9, but I don't really remember how.

              As far as bundles, check out google. It is not a Director thing. It is
              a Macthing. You can make a bundle that is basically a folder. In the
              folder are the projector and support files (xtras, etc)

              Here is something that will help. It is made specifically for making
              bundles out of Director projects.

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                Applied CD Level 1
                The following link is Adobe’s Tech note on creating bundles for Director in OSX and it also talks about how to package OSX and Classic on the same CD. That having been said, I have to agree with Mike, it’s an awful lot of work for very little return. I’ve had only one client ask for a tri-hybrid disk (Win, OSX, Classic) … we told them it would be a 20% upcharge to debug and guarantee performance on mac classic OS, it’s surprising how money can change a customer’s perception of what they think they need ;-)

                As for autostarting a CD under classic, that was easy with toast. There was a simple check box in toast, when clicked it opened a file dialog box and asked you to select the file to play. This was removed from later versions of toast when Apple abandoned autorun support for security reasons in OSX.