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    Problem with Illustrator CS4 file closing...

    stillLrng Level 1

      I've been working in Illustrator for around ten years now and hav never came upon this problem... 


      I have a file that, upon opening, it will draw all the artwok and act as if everything is loading correctly, then when it would normally show up on screen it crashes/closes the window for only that file and not illustrator itself.   We've tried opening it previous versions of Illustrator only to get the same results.   Has anyone ever encountered this problem, and if so, is there a fix??   I have never seen this and have no clue how to overcome this issue.  Is it possible that the file we are getting is from a PC and I'm on a Mac?

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          MWHebert Level 1

          There could be a lot of reasons; missing or corrupt fonts or just plain corruption. Is it a different (newer) version file format than the version of Illustrator you are using to open it on a Mac?


          If you don't get an error message upon opening...


          A) See if it opens in Windows on a PC first. What fonts are used? Any embedded images? These can cause problems. Remove them one at a time, save a version each time and try opening it on Mac to see which one is causing the problem .


          B) Look at the raw code for errors.

          1. Create a blank Illustrator document.
          2. Open that new Blank doc and the problem doc in a plain text editor and view the raw code side-by-side.
          3. See if there is any inconsistency or garbage in the code, as there is some header info and other data that might give you a clue.


          That is the best I can do as there is no Illustrator file repair utility that I know of.