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    Simple sort list by field?


      I'm a noob and can't figure out an easy way to sort a list of licensees (http://motionevolution.com/subscribe.html, "Current Licensees" tab) by state. The list changes weekly, and I have it in a mySQL database but have not figured out how to get this done. Any suggestions most appreciated.



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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          You'll can put it into a table and then allow the user to click on the table heading to change the sort order. You can do this either by sending the new order by clause in the SQL and requerying the database, or sort with the DOM. I prefer the DOM as it is much faster when dealing with small volumes of data. Looking at your current data everything is just comma seperated. It is not obvious if you have it stored in more than one column, but you will need to do that.

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            elgol Level 1

            Thanks very much! The DOM thing did the trick and the client loves it. I sincerely appreciate the help.