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    3 HDDs and Adobe Premiere - How to allocate the disc space?

    Igor Valentovitch Level 1

      Dear Members of the Forum,

      First, I want to thank you for the valuable information you share with people like me. Your advice helped me build my first computer (few days ago) and got me interested reading about computers in general. I'm a hobbyist photographer and videographer and I build my machine to suit my purposes for editing HD video content stored in AVCHD format.

      I have few important questions regarding the allocation of disc space for editing AVCHD files in Adobe Premiere. Presently I work with CS3 but will migrate to CS5 in the future. My configuration is: i7-930, ASUS P6T mobo, 6GB RAM (planning to expand to 12gigs), GPU is nVidia 250GTS with 1GB-RAM, Corsair 750W ATX, Windows 7/64bit. I also have a 3 hard drive discs set-up:

      C: WD Black Caviar 500GB for OS/programs

      D: Seagate 500GB 7200.12 - waits to be allocated functions after reading your advice

      E: WD Black Caviar 1TB for storage

      After reading Harm Millaard's valuable tutorials I'm still not quite clear about how to allocate the space on my 3 hdd set-up. Harm recommends to 'Use at least 3 different physical disks on an editing machine, one for OS/programs, one for media and one for pagefile/scratch/renders'. Having 3HDDs this translates into:

      1. OS/programs go to my C: WD Black Caviar 500GB (32MB cache)

      2. Pagefile/scratch/renders:

                      a) SCRATCH discs consist of: Captured Video/Captured Audio/Video+Audio Previews/ Media Cache/ DVD Encoding. With a 3 hdd setup where each of these should go? My understanding is that the Disc Cache should be on a different physical disc than the source footage.

                     b) Where exactly to put the PAGEFILE? And should one change it size if one has 6GB+ of RAM? Does Adobe Premiere has its own 'pagefile' or this is the Windows pagefile you are talking about? I could not find where Adobe's pagefile settings are located on the Adobe Premiere CS3 menus;

                      c) which disc to use for RENDERS on my 3 hdd system?

      I can add a fourth HDD (Seagate 500GB 7200.12) to the above configuration if this would be a smart thing to do to achieve better results.

      Thank you in advance! I'm sure that your replies are going to benefit many like me who still have similar practical questions after reading your well informed guidelines.