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    Downloading book to Nook


      I cannot open a book on my Nook.  I downloaded a book from the KCMO public library to Adobe Digital Editions.  I transferred the book from ADE to my Nook.  The book shows up on my Nook, and when I try to open it, I get the following message:  "Sorry, unable to open this book."  The book has a PDF extension.  Any ideas on why I can't open the book.  Thanks

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          This issue has apparently not been answered, but I am having the same difficulty.  Can anyone

          respond please.   Thanks

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            I am having the same issue. I have been through the process of

            uninstalling ADE including removing the authorization for the program.

            I reinstalled ADE and authorized it using the same email I use for the Nook.

            I was able to download a book from the library.

            I plugged in the Nook and authorized it.

            I moved the book (drag and drop) to the Nook. Removed the Nook using Eject.

            When I tried to open the book on the Nook I got the message "Sorry, unable to open this book."

            I used the strategy recommended of deleting the authorization for the Nook using Windows Explorer.

            Hooked the Nook up again and went through the authorization process.

            Moved the book to the Nook (carefully used the Eject to remove the Nook from the computer) --Book is there but again "Sorry, unable to open this book."

            I understand that I am limited to 6 authorizations so I am reluctant to keep doing the same thing.

            Any other ideas?