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    Using the HTTP referer in Flash, possible?




      At the moment I have two domains, for example a.com and b.com.


      On a.com I have a Flash plugin with various links that go to another page. I have set up b.com to redirect to a.com to avoid duplicating the flash. What I want to know is there a way I can change the links in flash depending on whether a user has come directly to a.com or been redirected from b.com?


      The links I have are quite long and have lots of variables, for example www.example.com/index.php?xx=&xxx=&xxxx= etc.


      The end goal is to change a variable in the link according to where the user has come from. For example if a user has come from b.com then one of the variables will be ref=b.com and if the user has come from a.com then ref=a.com.


      So to sum up can flash use the HTTP referer and change the variables within flash accordingly?


      I hope that makes sense.