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    Creating popups

      Is it possible to create a popup, which could exist outside of the flex object in the browser? I want to make a mp3 player, which would enlarge over other html items in the page when the mouse is over it and would show extended information. Is this possible?

      Thank you.
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          doug777 Level 1
          Objects in flex cannot exist outside the stage area, but you can make the stage area as big as you want and then set the wmode to transparent in the wrapper. You may need to then put the items in the html page into a div layer and your flex object into a different div layer so that you can set the z-index of each layer.

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            Garstyciuks Level 1
            Thank you for your reply. I want to have it on a non resizable menu frame, and it would need to overlap over the other frame. But I thought this would be impossible. Well I'm now thinking if it is possible to have an invisible object of my music player in the menu frame, which never changes whatever page of my website you open, so the music can be played while browsing any of the pages, and have that invisible object controlled from a certain web page with another flex object, which would contain the playlist and all the controls. Again, is this possible? I will post this in a different thread, so the topic wouldn't be misleading.