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    Cannot create slideshow in Premiere Elements 8

    ericcolin Level 1

      I just installed and am trying to use Premiere Elements 8. I have been racking my brain for the last two hours trying to figure out how to create a slide show.  I do not have a create button anywhere.  I jumped from Elements 1.0 to 8.  I am ready to return 8 and go back to 1 if I cannot figure this out.

      Where do I find the slideshow dialog box?

      Can someone please help?????



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Oh come on, Eric! You're not really going to return the program just because you couldn't figure out how to use it, are you?


          I"m just teasing you. The program can be a bit intimidating at first. That's why I spend most of my day showing people how to use it.


          Actually, there are at least four ways to build a slideshow in Premiere Elements. I show you how to do them all in my book, "The Muvipix.com Guide to Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 8," if you're interested.It's available on Amazon.com and from the Muvipix store.


          I don know specifically what kind of slideshow you're trying to create, so I can't give you specific instructions.


          But first, before you bring any photos into Premiere Elements, be sure to resize them to 1000x750 pixels, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.



          Then use Get Media/From Files and Folders to get the photos into your Project panel (also under the Organize tab.)


          Once you've got all of your photos gathered in your Project media panel, select them all and right-click -- and select Create Slideshow.


          As I say, there are a number of other ways to do it, but this is the easiest. There is also an option for creating a slideshow in Themes and there's a slideshow creator built into the Organizer.


          But that should get you started.


          Meantime, why not check out my free Basic Training with Premiere Elements tutorials on the Muvipix site?