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    Issue connecting to Vista peer from OS X, XP and Windows 7

    dccwilliams Level 1

      Hi, I've got the following problem.


      Got a bunch of OS X, XP, Vista and Windows 7 machines sitting on standard NetGear LAN. The router has a static IP and is running NAT for the clients. There is a firewall to Internet (Firebrick).


      There are no problems connecting between the OS X, XP, Windows 7 machines. However, you cannot connect to the Vista peers, except in some special cases.


      To simplify I'm using the standard file sharing example. Calling the following method:


      private function connectReceiveStreamToPeer(e:Event):void


      recieveStream = new NetStream(netConnection,txtFarID.text);

      recieveStream.client = this;

      recieveStream.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, receiveStreamHandler);




      where txtFarID.text represents a Vista peer, never results in the receive stream becoming connected to the Vista peer's sendStream...


      However, there is a connection. If the Vista peer first connects its receiveStream to the sendStream of the OS X, XP or Windows 7 peer, then the OS X, XP or Windows 7 peer is thereafter able to connect its receiveStream to the sendStream of the Vista peer.


      I've tested this on a couple of Vista laptops. Both are completely standard and don't have any special security software installed.


      Any ideas?


      Best, Dominic