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    external video clips


      I'm interested in creating a video portfolio with Flash Catalyst, but don't want to have to embed all the video files and end up with a giant swf.  Is there any way to keep the videos as separate flv's and simply link them to play within the FC project?


      Thanks for any input.



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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3

          Hey Joe,

          Video files are actually linked (aka externalized/not embedded) by default in Catalyst.

          You can distinguish embedded vs linked assets by checking for an '@Embed' wrapping the value of the source property of your video player (in code view).

          The only Catalyst embedded content you need to be conscious of are images.

          We will provide optimization support for images in the future.

          Does this answer your question? Let me know!



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            joe23521 Level 1

            Thanks, Tara.


            It's great to know that all FLVs will be linked externally.  A tutorial I watched mentioned something about all videos being actually embedded, which made me very nervous.  So, thanks for the clarification.


            So, as each video loads, will there then be a separate status bar/loader animation that can play?

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              Tara Jane Feener Level 3

              Hey Joe,

              We don't support any custom preloaders today, we just get the default for now.

              It's a highly requested feature so we're definitely thinking about it.

              Does this answer your question??

              Let me know!



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                I also include videos in one of my sessions and my project weighing already 7 megs (without videos), I wonder if include video of 25 megs is a good idea.

                Does the video loads individually after clicking on it OR the video loads during the project opening?

                Thank you for your time,


                * Of course, my objective would be to link my project to some youtube videos but i didn't found how.