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    States vs Pages


      OK - I have heard videos mention pages vs states, but I don't truly understand to what they are referring.


      All I see in Flash Catalyst is the ability to create new states. If what I heard from the videos is correct, I can create different pages within each state? I would like to do this for a multi-language demo I am doing, so that each state: English, German, Italian, etc has 6 pages, all with differeng content.


      Anyway, can you tell me how to do this?


      I am showing my demo tomorrow and Wednesday and am hoping to get people on board with this - **grinning** just in time for Flash Cataylst real release!



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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3

          Hey Thia,

          Pages and states in Catalyst are really two different ways of saying the exact same thing, they don't function any differently.


          When you hear people talk about 'Pages', they're really talking about the states of the top level application (the entry page of your project, your main application file).

          Under the hood, these application pages are really just application states, they're synonymous.


          You could create a multi-language application like you described in your post, by having a state on each component containing text for each language (ie, an English state, Spanish state, French state, etc), and setting the top level pages to be language names.

          In the English page, you could set the state of each component to the corresponding language state.

          Does this make sense?

          If not let me know, and I'll elaborate.

          Very cool to hear you're doing a Catalyst demo tomorrow, good luck! If you make any public Catalyst content be sure to post it so we can check it out.



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            ThiaKPSU Level 1

            Tara - thanks for the clarification on pages & states. How do you set the state of the components and set them to their specified language state?


            The demo won't be public, the only public thing I have done so far is do a quickie personal website:)


            btw - thanks for your quick answer!



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              ThiaKPSU Level 1

              For instance - I have 5 languages:








              Their corresponding states are named the same.

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                Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                Hey Thia,

                I would do the following in a blank project:

                1) Lay out all my components in english on the default state.

                2) Name that state, 'English', and all components should be in english in this state

                3) Duplicate the english state, using the States Panel, four times (for a total of five states).

                4) Name each state after the four remaining languages.

                5) Click on the next state (ie, German).

                6) Select each component with text you're interested in, and in the properties panel (bottom right panel) you'll seel a 'State:' combobox.

                7) Switch the state to match the language of your parent state, where in the case of the German page, we'd set each component to the German state (this assumes you have five language states for each component, with the translated text in each).


                This is just one solution for this type of problem, there may also be  others.


                I'm guessing you'll have some link or button which allows the user to toggle the language?

                Do these steps make sense?

                If not, let me know where things get confusing and I'll try and break it down better, or post a sample project.


                Thanks for posting!