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    [AS] IDCS4 - How to reference tagged rectangle in layer

    Kevin Parrott Level 2



      What I am trying to do is access a tagged rectangle called IMAGE, with a script label of IMAGE in a group on a locked layer, and replace that rectangles content with a new image, and have not had much success.


      When I unlock the layer and un-group the group, I can then access the tagged rectangle
      with the code below.
      (the code was cobbled together from here  http://www.macosxautomation.com/applescript/datapublish/index.html)


      Could someone please show me how to reference a tagged rectangle on a locked layer in a group please, if I need to unlock the layer then that's fine.


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
          tell the active document
              set the rectangle_list to every rectangle of every spread ¬
                  whose label is not "" and content type is graphic type
              if the rectangle_list is {} then
                  error "There are no tagged image rectangles."
              end if
              if the class of the rectangle_list is not list then
                  set the rectangle_list to the rectangle_list as list
              end if
          end tell
          repeat with i from 1 to the count of the rectangle_list
                  set error_indicator to 1
                  set this_rectangle to item i of the rectangle_list
                  set this_tag to the label of this_rectangle
                  set this_image to "PATH TO IMAGE" as alias --testing
                  set error_indicator to 2
                  tell this_rectangle
                      set this_image to place this_image
                      if the class of this_image is list then set this_image to item 1 of this_image
                      fit given content to frame
                      set image_h to the horizontal scale of this_image
                      set the image_v to the vertical scale of this_image
                      if the image_v is greater than or equal to image_h then
                          set horizontal scale of this_image to image_v
                          set the vertical scale of this_image to image_h
                      end if
                      fit given center content
                  end tell
              on error error_message
                  if the error_indicator is 1 then
                      set the error_message to "Image “" & this_tag & ¬
                          "” could not be found in the database."
                  end if
                  display dialog error_message buttons {"Cancel", "Continue"} default button 2
              end try
          end repeat
      end tell