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    Where has Illustrator gone?

    Antoin151 Level 1

      I feel such a fool.I installed the full CS4 Production Premium.   Having finished a few projects, I wanted to work in Photoshop and Illustrator.   I also have CS3 Web Premium.   I can find Photoshop but there is no sign of Illustrator.   Can someone help?

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          J_Wave Level 1

          If you use Windows computer:

          1. Go to My Computer.

          2. Go to C drive (or where ever you chose to install, the default is usually C drive).

          3. Open the folder called "Program Files" (It may be "Program Files (x86))

          4. Open the filder called "Adobe"


          Then youb should be able to see all the adobe programs you've installed.

          the path is C:/Program Files/Adobe/


          If you use a Mac


          1. Open your Macintosh HD

          2. Open the folder called Application

          3. You should be able to find Adobe filder

          All the Adobe applications should be in there.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            On the Ma there is n Adobe Folder in the Application folder but instead all the Adobe applications d reside in the Applications folder as if they ar stand alone applications each having their own folder.


            Such as Adobe Illustrator CS 4

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              Antoin151 Level 1




              Thanks for responding.  Your instructions were very clear and concise.   I tried all that (a number of times) before I posted the query.  I have been using adobe for a fairly long time, since Premiere 4, in fact.    That’s why I felt such a fool.

              I am using Windows 7 .   By the way, I have a (x86) Folder but the only app in there is Photoshop cs4 and it is also in with the main cs4 Production Premium Folder.   I use Premium, Soundbooth and Encore mst of the time but they are not in (x86).

              The logical thing would be for me to reinstall Illustrator in the cs4 folder.   However, I am reluctant to go down that road as I remember how long it took to install CS4  in the first place.


              I then thought "use web premium and install the cs3 app there.   All I seem to have done is mess up that area.  So I deactivated CS3.  then tried a full install of the full suite.   My heart is broken with changing from CS3 cd to CS4 cd.   Everytime I change the cd, windows asks ~ run autoplay or open files?   I now have a very corrupt CS3 web premium and still no Illustrator.   Any suggestions?

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                Antoin151 Level 1

                Thanks for responding, I looked in all the usual PC places.   Tried Windows find.

                I am not really up to speed with Windows7 yet.  So I thought I would ask in the hope that someone might have the answer.


                I cannot believe I would have uninstalled both versions of Illustrator.   In fact I can't remember uninstalling Illustrator, at all.

                I have tried reinstalling Illustrator CS3 but have had nothing but trouble.