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    A request from an ex-FreeHand user

    maeric Level 3

      Dear V.P. John Loiacono,

      Your new Illustrator CS5 announcement has some appreciated new features like perspective drawing, reordering artboards, outputting specific artboard pages, improved paste inside, and stroke enhancements. This edition is bringing more for Illustrator users to love and thanks to you, David Macy, and the AI team. As a former FreeHand user, I appreciate seeing those features make it into Illustrator.


      With this new announcement, there are still FreeHand users crying for their old program. It’s been 4+ years and they obviously are not going to like whatever enhancements you add for them.  Yes, I made the switch but I’ve come to understand that not everyone will do it. Old habits die hard especially when it comes to workflow and deadlines. So, maybe giving them back their old program isn’t such a bad idea and I have a suggestion. You have some experience with open-source from your days at Sun Microsystems, like Star Office and Solaris. Sun apparently was able to balance profit and community participation so why don’t you open source FreeHand under the Adobe banner and pipeline any new features into AI? We can get more features created for Illustrator and still have the integration with the rest of the CS applications. The FreeHand users get their old program back and maybe learn and appreciate Illustrator in the process.


      Adobe is always better when it has a little competition to keep you on your toes. At this point nothing can touch Illustrator in market share and it’s been the industry standard for years. So, if you don’t want to go the open-source route, then sell off FreeHand. We have all it’s features anyway and what damage could a small developer do to AI’s market share?




      (your name here)



      Ex-FreeHand users, do you agree?  While the above letter was written only as a viewpoint for former FreeHand users, we at Free FreeHand.org would appreciate if you'll join us in a special project, if only for sentiments sake. This week, personal letters and postcards are being mailed to Adobe from around the world asking for the above message to happen; give FH a future. Vice President John Loiacono is a good man and your support by writing him your personal message is appreciated.

      FreeHand was your beginning, even if Illustrator is now your present. Consider it and many thanks!


      Mail your request to:
      John Loiacono
      Adobe Systems Incorporated
      345 Park Avenue
      San Jose, California 95110-2704

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          Elvis Alien Level 1

          CS5 Illustrator has reordering artboards? I'm glad to hear it--I was just cussing at CS4 this morning for it's inability to pull of this most basic of expectations. I had to do all kinds of moving things around just to get around the shortcoming and create a pdf with pages in the right order! It would've been that or reordering pages in Acrobat Pro, and both options had me grumbling. Tell me, does each new page have the rulers reset so it respects the page you created, instead of referring back to the first page when you created a new document? This is another thing that's been driving me nuts. FreeHand always had so much intelligence around the reordering and rulers aspect of multipaging.


          I'll get behind your proposal. There's much to miss about FreeHand's speed and ease of use.

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            Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In Illy CS5 each artboard can have its own rulers. You can rename them and re-order them.