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    Objects stuck as GC Root

    smagfx2 Level 1

      I am working on a large number of small sub-applications that all plug in to a bigger host application. These sub-applications need to be loaded and then unloaded fairly often so it is important that they are fully garbage collected after removal.


      I am using the Flash Builder profiler to track this and am having problems with a few of these sub-applications not being fully garbage collected. Specifically, some classes used in the sub-applications still have instances in memory after removal (and if the sub-application is loaded/unloaded multiple times after that, more instances get stuck in memory). These instances all seem to be listed as GC Root.




      (Sorry for all the covered up names. All of these are instances of the same class.)


      Does anyone know why these instances are listed as GC Root or what I can do to make Flash fully dispose of them?