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    Cannot save or open .ai files that's on a server.


      Hello everyone,

      My office upgraded to CS4 few month ago, and I am having problem saving and opening AI files. It seems like a server problem but I'm not sure because my co-workers can save and open file without problem. We are using exact same computers with exact same settings.


      I can save and open AI files no problem when they are saved on the computer that I used to create the file. However, when I try to save the file to the server, which is a computer on the same network, Illustrator gives me an error massage saying "This file may be read-only, or another user may have it open. Please save the document with different name or in a different folder." No one else has the file open (because I just made this file) and it is not read only. When I click on "OK" Illustrator creates a AI file that is 0 KB in the folder where I was trying to save. If I try to open this file, another error massage "The file 'test.ai' is in an unknown format and cannot be opened"


      I can save files as EPS from Illustrator no problem (even on the server) and I can open them normally. All other formats such as, indd, psd, tiff etc. saves fine and I can open them too. Once in a while, Illustrator will not give ma any error code but they still save as 0KB. When I move the file from my computer to the server, the file is not 0KB but I can no longer open the file. It is really strange.


      Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Please help. Thank you in advance.