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    Footer not expanding, CSS

    amebade05 Level 1

      I have a basic layout but for privacy reasons I cannot post the entire code for you to see.


      It is very basic: 3 horizontal div's, 1 for the header, 1 for the middle content and 1 for the footer. The header and middle content are all enclosed in its own wrapper parent div. The whole parent div is 960px wide.


      The only thing that is sitting outside the parent div is the footer because I want this to expand the full width of the browser and not be constrained to the 960px width of the parent div with its contents. For some reason, the footer in inheriting the width of the main parent div although the footer div is sitting outside of it. For the footer CSS the code is simple:



      # footer {

      background-color: #999;

      position: relative;

      width: 100%;

      height: 0 auto;

      padding-top: 50px;




      I've tried to set the width to 0 auto; and also played with relative and absolute positioning, but the damned footer is still inheriting the width of the wrapper parent although it is not its parent. Sorry, I know its hard to help without the full code, but can anyone give me ideas of common reasons as to why it happens? I am using Coda to write my code if it makes any difference.