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    Looking for someone to do paid scripting work




      I'm in a bit of a bind with InDesign scripting - I've got a huge amount of it to do in very little time. I've hired someone on Elance who claims to know about Extendscript etc to help me, but I am slightly dubious. I thought coming to the Adobe forums might be a good idea, as you guys will probably know what you are talking about!


      Is there anyone around here offering scripting services for pay? It's quite an interesting project, automating the production of a certain type of book. I am fairly proficient in scripting myself after having written a script to do a similar thing last year, but simply can't deal with the amount of work I have.


      I'm looking for someone who really knows InDesign and scripting inside out and who would be able to advise me on best practice, rather than the current situation where I'm instructing someone fairly unskilled how to do things the way I've just sort of 'worked them out'.


      Apologies if this is in the wrong place; I'm pretty desperate!