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    Missing page in Firefox/Safari

      I have been troubleshooting this flash page for weeks. I have finished the programming and I can't get why the transition is not working on the last page. The page is www.contemporaryconservation.com. Everything works except the "contact" button which brings up a blank page. BUT it only seems to be missing in Firefox, and not in Safari—what could be wrong? Here is my code:

      Does the color coding of the actionscript text have anything to do with the programming? Because everything in this code is blue or green except the final line which, starting after "Number(" is black. HELP!

      if (Number(/scOne:_x)<Number(/:destination)) {
      speed = (/:destination-/scOne:_x)/10;
      setProperty("/scOne", _x, Number(/scOne:_x)+Number(speed));
      } else {
      speed = (/scOne:_x-/:destination)/10;
      setProperty("/scOne", _x, /scOne:_x-speed);
      setProperty("/scTwo", _x, Number(/scOne:_x)+1000);
      setProperty("/scThree", _x, Number(/scTwo:_x)+1000);
      setProperty("/scFour", _x, Number(/scThree:_x)+1000);
      setProperty("/sc6", _x, Number(/scFour:_x)+1000);
      setProperty("/sc7", _x, Number(/sc6:_x)+1000);
      setProperty("/sc8", _x, Number(/sc7:_x)+1000);