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    Navigation Button - open source in new window?


      Robohelp 8, natch.


      So, I have a button at the top of the page I'd like to set to open a link in another window. Essentially, it's another page within the site, but I want the reader to open it in a new window and NOT, as the default Robohelp does, in the frame below.


      But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the new link to open in a new window, except in digging through the code and trying multiple things to get it to pop open.


      I've winnowed the code for the specific tab down to the whskin_tbars htm file for where I could actually do the conversion, and have the following:


      addButton("custom00000",BTN_TEXT|BTN_IMG,"","http://support.site.com/webbyhelp/HelpGuide2.htm","","","",0,0,"tabby/guide_tab_noselect.png","tabby/guide_tab_noselect.png","tabby/guide_ tab_select.png","","tabby/guide_tab_select.png","","");


      Does anyone out there know a kludge to get around the fact that a button in the selected toolbars under the skin will ONLY open the selected file within the current frame?


      Apologies if this was a duplicate topic, I can't for the life of me get around this functionality.