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    anyone see this before?   AEVideoFilter.ccp-1645

    Joseph_Morabito Level 1

      I have a 32 bit vista based computer. I have 3gb ram.  The computer is just an 'off the shelfer' from Fry's. No special video cards etc. I apologize in advance for not having more of the computer specs.


      I've been making short videos with CS4 Premiere Pro for about a year (CS3 for the year before that). I usually do not run into problems. The project that is giving me problems, was shot in HD and has small scenes that have been rendered as mov files (RGB+Alpha) in AE. The project is at about the 90 second mark and I go this error code after a crash. [..\..\src\AEVideoFilter.ccp-1645]


      I've rendered out several tests up to this point. The program crashed while performing standard editing. I suspect getting a better computer geared with PP in mind would solve the problem, in the meantime, I cannopt reopen that project. I can open other projects. When I try to open the project in question, it gets nearly opened before it hangs then spits out the "Premiere Pro has encountered an error" message.


      Any help will be appreciated.


      From reading the forum I've gathered that the error codes don't function the way other error codes do. Namely that there is a table that spells out the meaning of each code. If there is such a table, I haven't been able to find it.

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          The AEVideoFilter.cpp-1645 error points to an illegal state when setting up rendering for an After Effects effect plug-in.  If you know which frame is being rendered, see if you have any effects (3rd party or otherwise) applied to the frame being rendered, and you might try temporarily uninstalling them to isolate the problem.  If the problem disappears after uninstalling a certain plug-in, then you know you've identified the code that triggers the error.  And it would be really helpful to post any findings back here for the benefit of others.


          Is that the same error that you see when reopening the project?  Or does the error refer to a different line of code?


          Also, from what I can gather, it appears you're using 4.0.1.  You might as well update to the latest 4.2.1 version.

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            Joseph_Morabito Level 1



            Thanks for the response. I need to look into the updated version.


            I just tried again to enter the original project and it shows the "debug" message then crashes. There appears to be no way into it.


            I also tried moving the folders with all the project files to a different location and that still didn't get around the "debug" message.


            During this project I have encountered 12 blue screens and 20 unexpeted program shutdowns (I'm only at the 90 second mark of a 150 second video). That was before the "Debug" issue. I had been diligently saving my project after nearly every edit/keystroke. However, Once I got the debug message, I was no longer able to open the project. After much scurrying around, and after reading your message, I decided to try the project file folder. In there I found a version that had nearly all the edits I had made.


            I'm sure these are the words of a noob, but from this I've learned that not only saving frequently, but "saving as" frequently is important. Fortunately I had rendered out a full size test file with about 98% off all my edits which I could use if nec.


            The thing I don't understand is why Adobe has error/debug codes without a key to them. Someone wrote them into the program, so it seems reasonable that they would be easy to find in a "trouble shooting" section of the software or at least Adobe's website.

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              Zac Lam Adobe Employee

              Hey BBOoH,


              Wow, I feel your pain.   Please do check out the 4.2.1 update - hopefully that should resolve many of the issues you're running into.  You can just go to Help > Updates, and the Adobe Update Manager will find any updates out there.


              There are normal error messages, and then there are errors that refer to lines of code.  The ones that contain references to lines of code were automatically generated, not hand-created by an engineer.  There is a Wikia on Premiere Pro where helpful members of the community (especially Eddie Lotter) have put together a list of known errors with their meanings, and possible resolutions:



              If you do hit that AEVideoFilter.cpp-16xx error message again, it'd be great if you could post back and describe how you're triggering it, and which video effect you're using.