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    Previewing and sync issues

    juicy p

      Hi guys, I'm pretty new at using premiere so pls forgive me!

      I bought a computer for the sole purpose of creating 30 sec episode previews (for television shows) but i'm encountering some issues. When i'm looking at the footage to chose out clips, the first 20 mins app. plays fine but in the rest of it the audio and video goes out of sync! even when i take out a specific clip to use in a different sequence the clip remains out sync even when i render it out! Also when i'm previewing my 30 sec. creation the preview sticks and then catches up. I don't know if it is a case of improper settings or if i need to upgrade the hardware.


      My specs are:
      4GB of Ram
      AMD Phenom 2.4ghz Quad-Core
      256mb onboard video card
      400 gb hardrive

      Windows7 Ultimate 64-Bit

      CS3 Premiere Pro

      Any help is much appreciated!