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    GeForce GTX 460 and CS?


      I'm currently building a system and I'm hung up on the graphics card.  The GTX 460 comes out in June and its in my price range.  Will it be able to run Adobe CS?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Read http://forums.adobe.com/message/2742323


          Other nVidia cards MAY be added to the CS5 list at a later date, but nobody knows which ones or when


          Of course, that is to use the CUDA cores... any video card will work as long as you don't expect the GPU to do anything special

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            BardHarbinger Level 1

            Just to get this straight, the GeForce GTX 460 will run CS5 but it might not have all the features of the listed cards, right?

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              shooternz Level 6

              It wont be able to access the Mercury Playback Engine Feature.


              Which is no problem if you dont need it.

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                JCschild Level 3

                i can pretty much guarantee that card will not be supported.

                the 480 will be in an update even the 470 most likely will not.

                i am sure they will limit the 480 to 3 layers like the 285


                based on testing you will want a supported card unless you are a weekend warrior

                (if time is not important)




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                  I am puzzled.


                  I ordered a GTX 460 for CS5 GPU MPE use, since I see in the PPBM5 tests many GTX460 cards apparently with WITH GPU MPE.


                  Before I cancel my purchase  I must be sure : is the 460 fully capable to GPU MPE or is it not ?

                  ( if not, how are the 460 cards GPU MPE used in the PPBM5 tests ? )


                  If the 460 is GPU MPE capable, is it limited to 3 layers ( as the GTX 285 was ) ?



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                    JCschild Level 3

                    nothing is limited to 3 layers anymore

                    just make sure you have 1GB memory or better

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                      reteb Level 1



                      Does your response implicate - for sure :-) ? that a 460 is fully GPU MPE capable indeed right out the box, I mean without modding, hacking or whatsoever ?

                      What might be the reason Adobe did not certify this one for CS5 GPU MPE ?


                      I ordered a MSI 460 Hawk - oc-able to 880 MHz - with 1 GB DDR5 or could I better swap for a Gainward GS 460 with 2048 DDR5 , i.e. does  doubling the GPU DDR from 1 to 2 GB contribute substantially to the GPU MPE performance ? ).


                      Thanks again.

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                        JCschild Level 3

                        you have to do the hack to get the 460 to work... big deal

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          Get the Gainward.  Double the memory will offer benefits.

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                            reteb Level 1

                            Thanks, meanwhile I ordered the Gainward GTX 460 GS 2 GB indeed.

                            Still, one last question and I will not bother anymore.


                            Seller's techie,  who assembles my new system, asks me to reconsider if a MSI GTX460 Hawk still wouldn't be better.

                            ( Seller has no particular interest since he sells both cards from stock and the Gainward is even pricier and offers greater profit to seller ).


                            The MSI 460 Hawk core runs effortlessy on OC >950 MHz while the Gainward 460 2 GB sticks OC at ~~800 MHz at best.

                            I am also warned that the extra 1GB vram in the Gainward is overkill in such respect that the 460's gpu GF104 is not designed to process such an " overload "

                            and cannot act better as an extra  buffer but not really contributing to the GF104's processing speed.

                            Has Adobe considered a 2 GB vram while programming the CUDA concept ?


                            The question seems to be if the C programmed CUDA GF104 of any GTX 460 is really capable to use the extra 1 GB vram  for CUDA advantages for the Premiere timeline playback.

                            If not, the MSI GTX460 Hawk would be preferred because of its considerable higher core speed ( and respective v.memory and shader speed ...).


                            Any techie thoughts on this ?


                            Thanks again.



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                              Jim_Simon Level 9

                              The added memory will probably have a larger impact that the speeder memory.  Once the VRAM get's filled up (which can sometimes happen when working with HD or higher res video), processing is transferred back to the CPU, thus slowing things down.  To avoid that, get more VRAM.