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    Posting .swfs to Dreamweaver Site - Captivate




      I have combed the help sites and forums and have tried everything I could find to make this work.  I created a .swf in Captivate CS4 and would like to embed it in one of my sites that I built with Dreamweaver.  I've been having all kinds of issues:

      1. The only time it worked was when I put in a 'flash button' - the issue then was that the image was super tiny although I published it at 800x600.
      2. For most else, Flash Text, Flash Paper, Flash Video...all I get is an automatically playing audio and no video.
      3. The image viewer remains a grey screen...just dead
      4. The only way I even get a screen shot is by linking the Full Motion version of the swf, but then it does not play...


      Need to present this demo tomorrow, so any help would be appreciated!!!!!