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    JPG size limit in PE8??


      I am trying the trial version of  PE8 to see if it is worth upgrading from my prior PE6.

      When I try  to add a still JPG (large at 5600X3700 to allow good pan and zoom) I get  an error message:

        "Generic Failure. This type of file is not  supported, or the required codec is not installed"

      I can import  these pictures using Organizer and they appear in the right side media  selection window in PE8 just fine. If I try to drag them onto the Time  Line I get the error however.

      I have tried reducing the size of  the JPGs to 2500X2500 and these appear to go onto the Time Line with no  problem.

      Is there some JPG size limit that PE8 can work with??  Is there a work around other than using Lightroom to reduce the size of  the JPG?


      Thank  you

      Brad Stamm