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    how to do Audio/Vedio streaming between web cams and back end servers?


      I want to implement an internet chat application, I mean, I want a front  end, which connects a web cam (mic and speaker). So, I can send videos  and audios to a back end server (do flash streaming? but I am not sure  what good product out there I can use), and also send both A/V to  another computer on the internet. In other words, need a front end that  sends local a/v from webcam (&mic) to backend and receives remote  a/v from backend to webcam (and speaker) + backend streaming server.

      Any suggestions of techniques to be used? What back end flash streaming  server should I sue? How to acquire A/V from web cam (& mic) and how  to send A/V to web cam (&speaker) to play?

      Thanks a lot!