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    Using DSLR H.264 AVCHD (MOV) and MJPEG HD video


      I have a 1920x1080 24p video file recorded on a Canon DSLR (Rebel T2i) to MOV file which I'll use as an example for my following questions.  Generally, I'm interested in editing and burning any AVCHD video, and also Motion JPEG AVI files in 720p (such as from Nikon and Pentax).



      1) For example, Gspot reports this Canon MOV file (typical from T2i, 7D or 5D Mark II, I believe) as 1920x1080 AVC1, H.264, 23.976 frames/s.  Why doesn't Premiere Elements 8 support 24p rendering?  All Blu-ray players support it, and many consumer camcorders now support 24p.  I believe many DSLRs can record 720p60 and 1080p30 as well, yet I see no presets for all but 1080/30.


      2) I want to view this video with my Blu-ray player, which supports AVCHD from SD card or DVD as well as BD.  Why won't PE8 burn this to DVD or to a folder (like it does with regular DVD video files)?  Note that I was able to render this 1080p24 file into a standard DVD video format, so importing the file doesn't seem to be a problem.


      3) I tried to play the original MOV file on my Panasonic Blu-ray player which is supposed to play AVCHD from a SD card or DVD.  However it didn't see the file on either media.  Is there a simple file conversion that I need to do to get it to work?  Is it just the "container" of the MOV, maybe even change the file extension?  For simply viewing the original movies, this would be adequate, however of course I'd still like to be able to edit and export movies that I can view on my HDTV.  My computer is a little too slow to play AVC at 1080p, and I don't have a Blu-ray burner, and I don't intend to purchase these items any time soon.


      I purchased Premiere Elements 8 in part because I thought it would give me what I needed when I buy a DSLR, however it seems like the details kill it's usefulness unless I can find answers to these questions.


      4)  At the moment, I just have a Canon S3 which makes standard definition 640x480 30p (not 29.97) MJPEG AVI movies.  I finally found out  that I needed a codec (after crashes and intermittent problems, turns out with everything except small projects, which is how I evaluated the functionality before purchase).  So far the LEAD and Morgan codecs work (transcodes and burns DVDs), and the Morgan is available to purchase alone.  There are Canon codecs that were installed with Canon's ZoomBrowser software, but I have no idea if they were being used by PE8 prior to the installation of the 3rd party codecs, so I don't know if they were the problem, or could have worked.  Is there a way to display and/or select which codecs are being used by PE8?


      My computer info:  I have the latest Premier Elements 8.0.1 update, latest Canon ZoomBrowser software, latest NVIDIA graphics driver, Windows XP SP3 and updates running on a P4 3.0 GHz hyperthreading processor with 3 GB RAM and plenty (200+ GB free) of HDD space, and dual DVI monitors (1600x1200 and 1080p HDTV).