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    Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2 don't find running Indesign Server CS3




      I develop a plugin and differnet Javascripts who interact with this plugin. Now I like to debug my plugin and this Javascript. I start the debugger in Visual Studio 2005, this starts my Indesign Server CS3 (Debug) using the port 18383. Now I like to connect with this server in Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2, but this application don't find the running server. Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2 want do start an Indesign Server, but there is one running.


      I havn't installed the release verision of the server on my PC.


      - Why does Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2 dont find the running server?

      - Port?

      - Can I change anything to fix this behaviour?


      Thanks for the help.


      Kind regards