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    Grow datagrid when row added


      I have been trying for a few days now with no success; to customise a datagrid so as that it grows in height when a new row of data is added.

      For example, if the datagrid has only 2 rows in it, I want it to auto-size so that you only see those two rows, and no blank rows below it. When I add a row of data, it should grow to allow for that row. I also want to set a maximum height so that a scroll bar comes in to play when there are too many rows for the window.

      Thanks Patrick
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          Try triggering a function on the datagrid's change event. In the function, count the rows from the datagrid's dataprovider and set the datagrid's rowCount property to match. You can also change the height in the function to match, or just don't give it a height at all and it should adjust to it's contents
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            camfieldaj Level 1
            You don't say so specifically, but I think the datagrid is intended to represent a resultset. If the user adds a row to the datagrid, don't you want to add it to the database, also, or actually first. Then let's say you load the datagrid in the initApplication function that's called when the App starts up. If the user adds another row to the database(?), just call the initApplication function. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time coding to do things that should happen automatically.
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              carneP Level 1
              Hey camfieldaj,

              Thanks for your response - this is how I am currently doing it.
              The problem however isnt that the data is added to the data grid - but that the datagrid viewing size is not adjusted to fit. Ie when I add a new row of data, this works fine but the data grid stays the same size. I really want it to grow as it gets bigger, and then say max out at 10 rows and a scroll bar is introduced.

              I may try your suggestion DaNall, although I think i tried something like this but had issues because some of the rows text had to be wrapped.

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                :) well i'm solved the problem in two different ways but i still don't like the solution. Anyways here is where i got to so far
                1- handle the resize event of the datagrid's container. you can inherit the datagrid and addlisteners to its parent.
                There you should check the total size of the rows + the header. If the rowsTotal > containerheight you set the grid.percentHeight = 100 else if the container height > rowsTotal you set the grid.height = rowsTotal

                2- This one is neat , but seems adobe didn't fulfill the implementation ..it has some bugs .. not exactly obvious
                You need to extend the datagrid and override makeRowsandColumns ..

                override protected function makeRowsAndColumns(left:Number, top:Number,
                right:Number, bottom:Number,
                firstCol:int, firstRow:int,
                byCount:Boolean = false, rowsNeeded:uint = 0):Point
                var bottomTemp:Number =bottom;
                var calculatedHeight:Number ;
                //method a)
                if (!cme_fullheight && dataProvider!=null) //only draw rows as the need arrises
                { calculatedHeight = measureHeightOfItems(-1,super.dataProvider.length + (headerVisible ? 1:0)) + (horizontalScrollBar != null && horizontalScrollBar.visible ? horizontalScrollBar.height : 0 );
                if (height > calculatedHeight )
                bottomTemp = calculatedHeight;

                //method b)
                // byCount = true; //for some reason adobe left this out from public datagrid attributes donno why .. probably its buggy
                //rowsNeeded = dataProvider.length ;

                return super.makeRowsAndColumns(left,top,right,bottomTemp,firstCol,firstRow,byCount,rowsNeeded) ;