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    Slow Saves in RH6

    Philip Tory Level 1
      Hi everyone.

      I have a new, fast, high-spec PC, with a fresh install of RH6.
      Topic changes or manual saves occasionally take a second or two, but mostly take half a minute. Topics aren't that big, as I try to limit the page size to no more than 6 scroll-downs. Only 214 topics in all.

      The CPD file was 4.8Mb!
      I backed up the CPD and XPJ files, then:
      - I tried compacting the CPD database using Jetcomp, which reduced it to about 900Kb. Problem still the same.
      - I deleted the CPD and XPJ files, and rebuilt from the HHP file, but it wiped all my conditional build tags, so this won't do.

      Surely there must be a fix for a product with this long a history?

      Can anyone suggest a solution please?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Hi Philip

          I don't get home until Sunday but after that you can send me the project to which you are referring. I will run it on a fast and medium PC and time things. Please do not send it before.

          Deleting the CPD and XPJ will lose your build tags but you only have to recreate the tags. You don't have to go through the topics to reapply them. That is provided you use exactly the same names. See the topic on my site about Opening Projects.

          Meantime, create a new project and keep clicking New Topic. Accept the defaults and generate as many topics as you can. Ideally 214 if you get my point! Then see if you have the same trouble with that project.

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            Philip Tory Level 1
            Hi Peter,
            Thanks again for offering to help. The PC is 3GHz P4 with 533MHz front side bus, 1.5Gb RAM, fast IDE drives (50Mb/sec in benchmark tests).
            I tried your solution; added Build Tags back in; also the Single Source layouts needed setting up again. (I'm glad I haven't reached the end of the job, as there are about 8 different WebHelp outputs to be built). Several topics ended up in the Broken Links section; adding each one back in took 20-30 seconds per topic. I'm wondering what else is missing... Ah! The Templates have disappeared, too.
            To give you some idea of file size, the CHM is 7.3 Mb.

            Best wishes.