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    Newbie: Browser ActiveX plug-in javascript toolbar disapears


      Hi all,


      does anybody know a solution for this:


      -  created a javascript file config.js in the directory ...\adobe\reader  9.0\reader\javascript\... with the following code:



               cName:  "atbToolButton1",           
               cExec: "this.print({bUI:  false, bSilent: true, bShrinkToFit: true});",           
                cTooltext: "Haltestellenfahrplan drucken",           
               nPos:  0,       


      -  so I have an additional toolbarbutton that prints the document without  showing the printer Settings dialogbox

      - this works great in  firefox 3.6.3 when you then close the browser window with the pdf inside  and do not wait longer than one minute till you open the next      pdf  in firefox

      - after that period the toolbarbutton is not visible  anymore and you have to enable the toolbar "additional programs" again

      -  internet explorer 8.0 doesnt remember that I activated the toolbar,  when you close the internet window with the pdf inside and open another  pdf in a      browser window the toolbar is not visible

      - the  standard toolbars are visible after you reopen a browser window with a  pdf inside

      - it works when you open the pdfs in adobe reader  9.3.2, you can switch if the toolbar is visible after reopen


      Is  this a problem that the adobe reader activex plug-in is unable to store  the toolbar visibility settings in the registry or in a local settings  file?


      Please help. Thanks for any help in advance.