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    Not Sure If I am in the right place for this question


      I have rotating banner setup to be driven by xml . Everything works great (a special thanks to kglad and Ned), i can get it to work when i put  the images and xml and swf up to the server( all these files are in a folder and all the paths in my scripting all retive to where this file is on the server). The way things work at my company is we have a stagging site that we can make all of our changes there and if you like what we see we then copy the code over to our production side and push all of the files up to main server that is hoseted by another company.But when i push everything over to it, it dosent work. I email the company that host the site and suggested that my problem might be with me using relative paths instead full urls. My question  is what is the difference between the two. For example in my actionscript i call the xml file by using the path :assets/images/Front_Page_Rotating_Banner/banners.xml(is this not a full url). If some one could just explain the differences or point me in the direction for somewhere to show me the difference