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    I want to get the language mode of the host.

    Kengo Mikoshiba



      I want to change the language mode of a my plug-in dependent  on host's language mode.

      Please let me know the method of getting host's language mode.



      Kengo Mikoshiba.

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Kengo-san,


          Here's a helpful snippet from the SDK Guide, in the section on Localization:





          The language used by Premiere Pro is decided by the user during installation. Plug-ins can determine this setting from the registry using HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Premiere Pro\[version], which is written by Premiere Pro at startup. The key will have one of the values below.


          English - en_US
          French - fr_FR
          German - de_DE
          Italian - it_IT
          Japanese - ja_JP
          Spanish - es_ES
          Korean (new in CS4) - ko_KR

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            Kengo Mikoshiba Level 1

            Hi Zac-san,


            Thank you for information.

            But, It is API that I wants to acquire the language mode.


            Because registry exists in all products and all versions.

            For instance, it is the following.

            CS5 is put on the market soon.

            And, I expect that Elements9 will be made based on CS5.

            The plug-in for CS5 operates as it is maybe.

            In a word, it is necessary to write the code in which the registry key is referred forecasting an unpublished product.

            I do not think that this is realistic.


            Additionally, the "Language" key to Pro CS4 is not written in the registry key to my PC (I am not erasing it).

            I am referring to the code page of OS because of this.

            However, because the language of OS is not necessarily a language of the application, it becomes a small problem.



            By the way, I am referring to the registry of Premiere when the installer of the plug-in is made.

            There is a key "ApplicationPath" and "Plug-insDir" in the Elements series.  It is not in the Pro series.

            I think it is good when the same key as the Pro series exists.



            Kengo Mikoshiba.