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    Error Box when Opening PDF in Browser


      Ever since I installed CS4 Web Premium on my new Windows 7 32 bit install when I try to open a PDF in the browser it opens a Blank Error Box (like a javascript alert box, but with nothing it).  When I close the box I just get a white page.  If I hit refresh the PDF opens fine.  If I try and hit the URL directly again, the problem is back.  The same happens in all my browsers:  IE8, Latest FF and Chrome.  I can download and open PDFs just fine, but trying to open them in a browser window always does the same no matter what site I am on.


      Perhaps related, but possibly not ... I also have similar behavior from Flash.  Some sites with Flash elements on the screen give me what appear to be debug messages.  I have seen this happen in all browsers, but it doesn't happen with all flash, just some.


      I checked my add/remove programs and all I have installed is:

      Adobe Air

      Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium

      Adobe Flash Player 10 AciveX

      Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin

      Adobe Media Player


      Any idea what might be going on with this?  It is getting really annoying.