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    WebHelp links doesn´t work in RH8


      Hi, I have recently updated Help projects from RoboHelp HTML 2002r2 (build1150) to RoboHelp

      8 version When generate Primary Layout for Swedish Help project (WebHelp) and testing the Help links some links doesn´t work. When looking in the browser(IE) I can see that it refers to an "old" *.htm file! E.g old context:System_-_versikt.htm. New context: System_Overview.htm.
      Same Help project but in English works ok. The Map IDs/Context-sensitive Help are identical in the Swedish and English help project.

      How can I solve this problem?




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          Amebr Level 4

          To start, you should apply all the v8 patches ( I think), as they fixed some nasty bugs.


          I'm not sure about the context help. Maybe only the English files were updated on the server, so the Swedish version is still only has access to the old help files? (I'm assuming that you are doing help for a web-based application, and that after you generated the the two outputs you Published or uploaded the help to a web server.)