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    When exporting project, result file does not work 100%

    webdeveloperjc Level 1

      My version: CS4 Premiere Pro

      My set up: Vista Ultimate 32bit, 8GBRAM, NVidia Quadro FX 5600 Driver v: 191.78


      My issue:

      I have a footage of about 2.5 hours. It is a seminar I recorded. It was recorded on a Sony Handycam CX-100 HD camera. I want to export my project to H.264 format so the client can take a look at the footage and provide cue points for editing.


      The only thing I added to the video was timecode for the client set cue points. When I export project I select H.264 and save it as Hight DV quality 720x480.


      My problem is that when Encore finish processign the video, I open it to check if it is working and I find that after minute 40 the video frezees and I can only hear audio.


      What is wrong? Am I forgetting a setting before saving the video? If I save the video on a Windows format, it plays ok.


      Can anyone provide help.


      Much appreciated. Thx