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    Problem with busy cursor


      IHey there,


      i have a popping up window in my Flex app. This window needs a little time to get created. In this time I want to set the Cursor to busy. But instead of the busy cursor Flex displays no cursor, also the arrow cursor disappears.


      I tried the hack with callLater but it doesn't help. Had anyone a similar problem and knows how to fix it?


      By the way: What is the best way to set the busy cursor? Static, with the parentApplication.cursoManager property or in the component with this.cursoManager? All of these ways have the same result on my problem: no cursor!


      1. click on a item (own component, extended Canvas, buttonMode = true)
      2. call function by MouseListener
      3. function {
      4. callLater function
        doPopUpWork() {
            // DO WORK AND ADD POPUP


      I checked the right timing with trace statements [ trace("setBusy") ... ] and the also cursor comes Back when work is done and popup was added. All right and in right time. But the cursor disappears in that time instead of showing the busy cursor.


      Can anybody help me???