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    Error compiling wmv


      Hi all,


      I have a CS4 project with Sony mt2s source files that I'm trying to encode to wmv, but no matter what setting I try it errors out. The txt log doesn't give any details. (The project also contains a couple of avi clips but the region I'm trying to encode doesn't have any avi's in it)


      Thanks in advance


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          Brandalarm Level 1



          Can you give us some more info on what exactly you are exporting to, what you are exporting with (your computer), and also the size of your project. Sometimes it can be that simple. Tried exporting a pretty big HD project to wmv the other day, and nothing happened. Yes, actually something did happen, MediaEncoder export exactly 1 second of video.


          And if you're exporting using Media Encoder, what does the program display? The yellow triangle thnig or the green ok sign?



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            Bbreckenridge Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Jef. My company's IS department built and maintains my production workstation so I'll give you as much info as I could dig up:


            Its a PC - Intel Core 2 DUO 3ghz processor (E7500) with 2 gigs RAM

            We're using a Lexicon Lambda usb audio interface


            You are correct that I'm using the Media Encoder and I do get the yellow triangle, not the green checkmark. I'm trying to encode a wmv, and I've tried encoding using EVERY default wmv setting and it errors out every time. I'm not sure at what point during the encoding it errors out but I'm only trying to encode a 1 minute clip with maybe 2 transitions (and an mono audio track). The total project size is about 33 minutes long


            Thanks again

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              Brandalarm Level 1



              Your images aren't shot in HD? Because 2 gigs Ram provides enough power to support the program if you're working with normal sized files..

              There isn't much we can extract from the information you provided: we do know that the Ram is probably enough, your memory is also adequate (even for HD processing) and the Lambda audio system isn't to the point.


              So, with this in mind I only have got three hints for now:


              - Just standard: (re)check the system requirements (CS5 on the adobe site, CS4 here), see if you miss something.

              - Try exporting the project (or just a part of it, make a new sequence and put a small piece of your project in it) in another format to test if Media Encoder is having the same problem here. If that works fine, report and we'll think further

              - See if you can extract some information out of what you see when you click on the triangle.

              - Reboot...





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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Give full details on your hardware, including disks, OS, software version, source material, codec, export settings, etc.


                Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.