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    Importing Data/Services From Blaze

    Ted Moens



      I have have a Flex client that works with services from a BlazeDS Server. Things are working more or less as expected.  On the first round of development (3 weeks ago) I found that when I would import a service, the Data Types were imported just as I would expect.  For my TransgeneService I would see the correct service:


      updateTransgene(arg0: TransgeneDTO): void


      and it would import the corresponding Data Type:




      with all the attendant attributes correctly ported over.


      Since then, I re-worked some of the server side and now when I import a service, instead of seeing TransgeneDTO, I see a fully qualified name of the same object.  In my case I see specifically:




      which correspons precisely to the Java packaging of the TransgeneDTO object on the server. I am wondering what I could have done to cause this somewhat striking change in behaviour.


      Thanks in advance for any help,