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    Automated RH7 (HTML) Build w/ TFS, Finalbuilder

    Tech Writer KC Level 1

      Recently the developers asked me to place their internal bulletins into a help file, which gives them easier search ability than having MS Word documents out on the intranet allowed.


      Now they would like me to try and do a fully automated build which would do two things:


      1) Recognize when a new bulletin (i.e. Word doc) exists, and automatically import it into the project during its nightly build.


      2) Recognize when an existing bulletin has been updated, and automatically import it and overwrite the existing topic with the new one.


      We've automated our actual help files, which are version controlled in Team Foundation Server and built using Finalbuilder. The forum was great help with that project, so I'm hoping someone has some experience on how to do this and/or if either is even possible.


      I'm assuming the basic setup would be:


      1. Nightly build kicks off. Finalbuilder checks out existing project files from TFS and opens RH7.


      2. Finalbuilder or Robohelp determines if any new files / updated files exist in the relevant network folder where our internal documentation (word files) are placed. Presumably this would require a command line that compares the file dates with the current date to see what's new.


      3. If new stuff exists, the files are imported into Robohelp and the project is updated and a new .chm is generated.


      4. Project w/ new files and new .chm file is checked into TFS.


      I assume (!) that there is some way to automate RH importing a Word file into a project via command line (ugh), but I'm less sure about RH being able to recognize when a newly-dated file is a completely new topic vs. something that's an update of an existing topic. I guess a filename comparison could be done, but again this needs to be done as an automated function, so no idea really how to proceed.


      Any help is appreciated, thanks!