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    More items for next release


      I read that another user would like to be able to alphabetize their bookshelves and I could not agree more.  But I have one other request.


      When you load a book you don't have the option of changing the title or the author.  No complaints about that - EXCEPT - not all publishers follow the same format of last name first, first name last.  Even from the same publisher a different format could be used.


      I end up with books by the same author that I cannot get sorted into the same general area in my library unless I make bookshelves.


      Bookshelves don't alphabethize.  So, it can end up being a mess.


      Furthermore, titles don't take into account that a certain book is from a specific series.  So, it is difficult (if not impossisble) to arrange things in a way that is meaningful, even if the author name is formatted identically.


      Can you add allow me to add and hide columns in the library? I would want to be able to add my own data in these fields. This way I can sort by author, series or some other key word that is relevant.


      Another option would be to allow for sub folders within the bookshleves.  That would be great too.


      Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Cozworth