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    running AIR app in a php document


      Hey everyone!,


      I have a question... i have created a Air rss feed app and im done with the code and the app works great... but my boss wants to incorporate the air app on the website and give coworkers the option of downloading the app.is there a way to export the app as a .swf?


      Please let me know what i need to do.


      I made it in FLEX and need to embed it in a php document.



      Ryan J

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          You can't embed an AIR app in a web page.You could use the same code to create a Flex app. If you used AIR-only APIs, then you will have to do some refactoring, though. Your app is already a .SWF before you package it, so there's no need to export it -- the .SWF file should be available in your project directory.