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    Nvidia quadro or GTX series?

    stevelyles Level 1

      I am going to purchase a new video card for the CS5 release and am almost commited to buying the Nvidia Quadro fx3800.....I see Adobe mention they will be supporting the new Fermi cards in the near future and am wondering if any of the teccnical minds here can say whether I would be buying technology which dosent have either the performance or life expectancy of the up and coming fermi technology.Any feed back on the Nvidia quadro by peole who own one would be most welcome

      many thanks


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This is a pure guessing game.


          Consider the FX4800 and the GTX-285. The 285 has far better specs on paper, yet Adobe chose to limit the 285 to 3 tracks, while putting no limitations on the lesser spec'ed FX4800 or even on the lower spec'ed 3800. The new GTX-480 has about double the performance on paper of the 285 and triple the performance of the 4800, but will it still be limited in the tracks supported? No one knows.

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            ruzun Level 1

            I would wait a bit before getting any new video card.  Getting a 285 now seems ill advised, as the GTX 400 series is so much faster and unlike the older cards supports DX11, but it's not adviseable to buy any GTX400 series cards until Adobe officially supports them.  Any card you buy now for CS5 will look like a poor choice in a few months, unless you really need something right now, I would hold off and wait for new announcements from Adobe regarding gfx card support.

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              joshtownsend Level 2

              Exactly I'd wait until it comes out to see if there more supported cards or if they have an idea when the Fermi cards will be supported.

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                ruzun Level 1

                Well I did what I said I wouldn't do.  Checking Ebay some guy had a used GTX 285 listed for $240 with free shipping, so I bought it.  maybe I can get $125 or so for my GTX 260...  At least I'll be able to try mercury playback with Cuda Cores enabled now.


                I sort of regret doing this really, if I had CS5 I wouldn't be so antsy and tempted to buy things like this.  I'd be too busy editing!  It's this waiting that is winding up costing me.


                I bought 6GB more of ram as well, so now I have 12GB.  If they don't ship this thing soon I'm going to go broke buying things while I wait!

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                  Studio North Films Level 3

                  Hi, to all


                  I dont really think that the newer nvidia gtx cards are going to be better than the quadro cards for cs5, yes on paper they maybe better but in real terms I dont think so. if this was the case the quadro range would only be used by a smaller % of users. As the gtx 285 is limited, i think so will the other cards. Nvidia is a huge buiness, by making one card do everything from gaming to pro editing, they will loose so mutch business.


                  I Have a quadro fx5800, and a gtx 285 2gb, and will do some tests and post.