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    Smooth mousover images inside scaled Flex App?

    joshhandel Level 1

      I have a flex app I am scaling using systemManager.stage.scaleMode=StageScaleMode.NO_BORDER.. And for the most part it works well except for my bitmap data (mostly png's from the designers).. I can set the mx:image tags to smoothBitmapContent=true and that works great for everything except my mouseover objects..  When I do a mouseover, the source is being changed from one embedded image to another embedded image.. I have tried several (many) online "smoothimage" classes, and tried to write my own, I have tried to reset smoothBitmapContent every chance I get but still no dice.. It seems to mee that because I am scaling at the app level, that the flopped out bitmap is not getting smoothed when it renders.. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep things smooth (perhaps there is a flag to tell Flex to smooth stuff when it scales it?). Thanks Josh