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    Premiere Elements 4 crashes


      I have Premiere Elements 4 (yes, I realize it is the OLD version), have a Dell Optiplex 330, Intell Pentium Dual CPU @ 1.8GHz and 2 GB of RAM.  Yes, I realize this is a little on the low side of requirements, but I work at a school and this is what we have.  We have created and edited and burned several projects up to this point with little problems.  We have a senior video we have created with mainly still pictures with transitions between pics and a couple of short video clips at the end.  It is a 30 minute video.   Project size is around 37 mB.  The problem is that it will not allow us to burn or copy out as a file.  Elements shuts down around 6% on the encoding process.  We have made it up to 74% of encoding, but that is it.  I have shut down all other programs (antivirus, system tray items, etc).  I have around 40 GB free of hard drive space on the computer.  We actually have this project on a 1 TB ext drive with around 410 GB free space.  I have tried cutting the project in half, still no luck.  Any suggestions?